You’ve taken the plunge and bought a hot tub, but to enjoy the bubbling water for many years to come, you need to take care of your spa. Clean and crystal-clear water is what you want to soak in for relaxing hydrotherapy or fun family time. Here are our top tips on how to get that in your backyard oasis with the right water care products and maintenance.


Keeping filters clean and in good working order is vital to the efficiency and overall operation of your hot tub, especially the water filtration system. The filters are always working to keep the water free of debris, which means less maintenance in the long term.


Gone are the days when caring for your hot tub took hours and was a complex process. Today’s modern technologies means caring for the water in your tub takes just a few minutes every week, topped up with monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual checks.

To help you remember your cleaning tasks, try marking them on a calendar, adding to the calendar of your mobile phone, setting reminders, or using one of the innovative smartphone apps available to you.


  1. Chlorine or Bromine Tablets
  2. Spa Shock
  3. pH Up and pH Minus
  4. Test Strips
  5. Hot Tub Vacuum
  6. Skimmer
  7. Filter Cleaner
  8. Anti-Foam Products

While not a water care product, while you’re purchasing your cleaners and sanitizers, why not grab some hot tub aromatherapy scents from your local hot tub store? These salts can be added to the water for an added sense of calm and relaxation, not to mention the wonderful scent!


Most hot tub service plans involve these simple steps to ensure ultra-clear and clean water all year round:

  • Add sanitizer after each use, then close the cover and let the jets run for five minutes.
  • Test and balance the pH weekly and add the appropriate water care products to keep the water soft and fresh.
  • Check the filters for buildup and rinse/clean monthly, if not twice a month. If you live in an area with hard water, don’t forget to add scale remover.
  • Switch the power off, then drain and re-fill water every three to four months. This is the perfect time to give your tub a deep clean and check for any damage or repairs that are needed. Wipe the entire hot tub with a recommended tub cleaner. Then clean your spa cover. This is an often overlooked but essential part of your regular hot tub service to extend the cover’s life and keep it looking good as new. Clean the cover with hose water, a cloth, a marine vinyl cleaner and a UV protectant.
  • Rinse off the cabinet and clean with a soft cloth.
  • Check the expiration dates on chemicals and test strips, it might be time to purchase new ones. Soak filters overnight in a bucket of water with filter cleaner every two months and replace filters annually.
  • Then all that’s left to do is refill your hot tub. Just remember, when adding new water to put the hose into the water well so that it runs through the pipes as it fills up. This prevents air locks when restarting.
  • Don’t turn the power back on until the water level is at least above the filter. When the tub is full, test and treat the water.
  • When you’re ready, get in and soak up the effects of those soothing bubbles!

For more information about the water care products and maintenance routine needed to care for your hot tub, get in touch with the service professionals at Le Dipping Parlor Spas today.

To find out more about hot tub maintenance or explore our selection of hot tubs for sale, including both the Sundance® Spas and Nordic Hot Tubs brands, visit Le Dipping Parlor Spas – your Springfield, Missouri hot tub store and showroom.

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