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Jubilee™ LS

Jubilee LS Hot Tub in Springfield, MO

Blending style, versatility, and luxury

Seating Capacity: 6
Jets: 46
Dimensions: 84 in. x 84 in. x 35 in. (215.4 cm x 213.4 cm x 88.9 cm)
Spa Volume: 325 gal. (1155 L)



As the ultimate in affordable luxury the Jubilee LS model is designed with roomy seating for 6 or 7. This model provides luxurious, DTS™ whirlpool therapy with a 2 pump system. The Jubilee LS offers the superior therapeutic benefits you need at the price point you want with the quality you demand. If you are looking for a large, no-nonsense, therapeutic hot tub for the family, you have found it!

Most spas offer only traditional, targeted hydrotherapy, benefiting only the back half of the body. Nordic spas, with their barrier-free seating and turbo jets, will provide gentle, enveloping therapy to all zones of the body, back and front. Used by professional athletes the world over, whole-body whirlpool therapy has proven itself better at relieving tension and releasing stress stored in every area of the body.

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